Dissemination in academic circles

Dissemination-wise the project has big but realistic ambitions. We envisage two academic books, 11 peer-reviewed articles and three master theses.
Below you can find the list over working titles and expected release dates. 
While we work, you can read up on relevant articles from our partner researchers by following the links in the block to the right. 




Edited book 1:

New media practices in Africa: all researchers will write chapters (plus Thomas Hylland Eriksen). Synthesizing introductory chapter by two researcher. Editors: PI & ASM.
To Berghahn Books - Series of Anthropology of Media.
Expected release, 2018

Book 2:

A generation of change in a Kgalagadi village Botswana. By PI. Based on Helle-Valle 1996.

Expected release, 2018



Article A: 'On media practice methodology' Focus on the project design to link the methodology to a comparative practice perspective. Joint effort. To Ethnography or HAU (1).
Expected release, 2018


Article D: 'Media in urban everyday life.' ASM, MM, LT, PI. To New Media & Society (2).
Expected release, 2018


 Article G: 'Social media, religion and health.' Comparative perspective. PD in cooperation with KP, ASM. To Journal of African media studies (2)
Expected release, 2018


Article J: 'Class, the market and new media.' By WW and PD. To Journal of African media studies (2).
Expected release, 2018

Article B: 'Patterns of media use in household and among kin: A non-media-centric study of media practices in Botswana.' All Botswana-based researchers. To Media, Culture & Society (2).
Expected release, 2018


Article E: 'New media, mobility and the glocal.' Project researchers in cooperation with JC. To Development and Change (2) or Cultural Anthropology (2).
Expected release, 2018


Article H: 'New media in DR Congo and diaspora.' By KP. To American Ethnologist (2) or African Diaspora (1).
Expected release, 2018


Article K: 'New media in primary education' PD, ASM. To Journal of African media studies (2).
Expected release, 2018

Article C: 'Gender relations and media practices.' By PI and ASM. To Gender & Society (2).
Expected release, 2018


Article F: 'New media, politics and empowerment.' 2-4 researchers. To Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (2) or Public Culture (1).
Expected release, 2018


Article I: 'Social media and sexual relations in Botswana and Congo.' ASM, KP and JHV, to Journal of Gender Studies (2).
Expected release, 2018



  The numbers (1) and (2) after each article indicates Norwegian rating.

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    Change and Diversity in a Kgalagadi Village, Botswana.
    Oslo: SUM, University of Oslo, Dissertations and Theses, no. 1/97.

  • Helle-Valle, Jo 1999.
    Sexual mores, promiscuity and ‘prostitution’ in Botswana.

    Ethnos, 64: 372-396.

  • Helle-Valle, Jo. 2002.
    Seen From Below: Conceptions of Politics in a Botswana Village.

    Africa, 72 (2): 179-202

  • Helle-Valle, Jo. 2003.
    Social change and sexual mores: a comparison between pre-20th-century Norway and 20th-century Botswana
    History and Anthropology, 14 (4): 327-347.

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    Time and media consumption in Norwegian families.

    Oslo: SIFO professional report nr. 2.

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    New Media & Society, 10(1): 45-66

  • Helle-Valle, Jo. 2010.
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    Theorising Media and Practice. New York: Berghahn.

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  • Helle-Valle, Jo. n.d.
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    To be published in Wendy Willems & Winston Mano (eds.) From audiences to users: everyday media culture in Africa.

  • Helle-Valle, Jo & Axel Borchgrevink. n.d.
    “Household histories and methodological triangulation”
    To be published in Forum for Development Studies in 2016.


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